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152 Pounds in Stone

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    As the symbol for pounds is lb, and because the mass unit stone is abbreviated as st, the conversion can be also be written as 152 lbs to st for example.

    If you have been looking for how many stones in 152 pounds, 152 lbs into stone, or how many stones in 152 lb, then you are also right here.

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    Convert 152 Pounds to Stones

    A stone is 14 international avoirdupois pounds.

    Thus, to convert 152 pounds to stones we employ the formula [st] = [lb] / 14 and obtain the following result:

    152 lbs in stone = 10.8571429 st
    152 pounds in stone = 10.8571429 st
    152 lbs in stones and pounds = 10 stones 12 pounds

    Hundred and fifty-two pounds in stone are equal to 10.8571429 stones, and 152 pounds in stones and pounds is 10 stone 12.

    You can also change 152 pounds to stone using our converter.

    All you have to do is inserting the mass in the unit pounds, e.g. 152.

    Our calculator then converts the weight automatically; press the blue button only to swap the units.

    Despite that 152 pounds denote a mass, many people refer to the conversion as 152 pounds in stone weight.

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    152 Lbs in Stone

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