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Welcome to stone to pounds, our website about the st to lb conversion. If you have been asking yourself how many pounds in a stone or how many lbs in a stone, then you are definitively right here. Here we show you how to convert stones to pounds using the formula, but we also have a stone to lbs converter you will like. Note that the plural of stone is stone or stones, and read on to learn all about the stones to lbs conversion.

Convert Stone to Pounds

A stone is an imperial and English unit of mass equal to 14 pounds. Stones are abbreviated as st, and for pounds we use the unit symbol lb. Thus, the formula to convert stones to pounds is:

[lb] = [st] × 14

Spelled out, to convert stone to pounds you have to multiply the mass in stone by 14. For example, to change 3 stones to pounds multiply 3 by 14 to get 42 pounds.

The pound under consideration on this site is the international avoirdupois pound legally defined as 0.45359237 kg; thus a stone or stone weight equals exactly 6.35029318 kilograms.

Here you can change pounds to stone.

Although the st to lbs is a simple multiplication, to help you maximally we have made a stone to pounds converter which you can find in the next section of our article stone to lbs.

Stone to Pounds Converter

Insert the mass in stone using decimal notation for fractions, our calculator then does the rest for you automatically. Hit the blue button only if you want to swap the units.

Change st to lb


Note that you can also locate frequent stones to pounds conversions using the search for in the sidebar. Enter, for example, x stone into pounds, assumed x is your mass in stone weight.

Along the same lines can you look up terms such as x stones to lbs, x stone to lb and x stone into lbs, just to give you a few more terms which you can look up using the aforementioned form.

Frequent conversions in this category include:

In the next section of our article you can find the frequently asked questions about stones into pounds, along with the summary of stone to lbs.

Stone to Pounds Conversion

You have reached the concluding paragraph and by now know all about the stone to pounds conversion, except the frequently asked questions which have listed below:

  • How many pounds in a stone?
  • How many lbs in a stone?
  • How much is a stone in pounds?
  • How many pounds to a stone?
  • How many lbs is a stone?

You already know how to answer these FAQs, but if you have another stone pounds questions left then you may fill in the comment form located at the bottom of this page.

Alternatively, you may send us an email with the subject line stone in lbs or something similar. The image below sums our article up; there are 14 pounds per stone:

Stone to Pounds

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